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Terms and Conditions 
By checking this box I agree to the following Terms & Conditions: I have created a description of a promising practice and am the copyright owner of that written description, and I authorize and give my permission in perpetuity throughout the world to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS), to edit, reproduce and distribute in print and digital form (including but not limited to the Internet) in whole, in part, or in an edited form. I agree to indemnify USCCB from and against all suits, claims, proceedings and costs which USCCB may incur resulting from my description of a success story and my preparation of this description. This Agreement has been made in the District of Columbia, and the sole jurisdiction and venue of any litigation arising out of this Agreement will be an appropriate federal or local court located in the District of Columbia.

I agree that the data I provided to complete this transaction (survey, registration, webinar, course, etc.) may be used for that purpose and stored for USCCB’s inventory records. Privacy Policy